Pianist and composer.

Alessandro Francesio, born in Milano, graduated as a pianist at the Music Consevatory “Guido Cantelli” in Novara. Alongside his normal academic studies, he attended afro-american music courses and paid particular attention to the world of contemporary music for Solo Piano: in which he obtained a certificate of merit in the International Music Tournament. His versatile music personality allows him to flick easily between different types of music, putting songs with the most introverse essence, side-by-side with those of an evident and contageous liveliness. He wholeheartedly dedicates himself to composing, in both refined and ultra-refined spheres, always looking for an emotional, penetrating language, with a refined tune and built upon personal harmonic elaborations, which in some moments near the break-up of toned links; a narrative journey which is difficult to put a “tag” on. In 2003 he took part in a TV programme for TSI (Swiss Television in Italian), dedicated to the history of Italian Cinema, presented by the critic Claudio G. Fava. He has played in events organised by important national and international companies and show-biz people, among which: Bracco SpA, Japan Travel Bureau Italy, Rolo Banca, Chamber of Commerce italy-germany, Merrill Lynch Capital, Pioneer Investment managment Sgrpa, Roberto Cavalli and Blue Note. In brief, this is the stylist multi-faced Alessandro Francesio, an artistic profile, insensitive to the divisions between the different “schools “ of thought; leaning towards an understanding of the organisation of sound space, like a measured interaction between writing and improvising; never-ending researcher, gifted with a wide syntax, at ease both in solitude and in more complex arrangements. He loves to think of the piano as a microfying glass for all the musical universe, which well deserves to be explored.